Arch Orthotic Insoles For All Types Of Shoes!

Arch Orthotic Insoles are increasingly used as more people are having problems with their feet, legs, hips and back.  Wearing shoes, high heels and flip flops contribute to the epidemic of foot pain, heel pain, arch pain and related ailments.  Over time wearing shoes with poor arch support leads to morning foot pain ( known as Plantar Fasciitis ) and other foot problems.  If we spent more time walking on sand, grass and other natural surfaces we wouldn't need arch support as the ground would give beneath our feet to accommodate us.  However, most of us spend most of our time on hard surfaces and causes our feet begin to roll inward in an attempt to gain more surface area.  This is called foot pronation and it affects other parts of the body such as the knees, hips and lower back, and also leads to plantar fasciitis, forefoot pain, corns and bunions.

In general, it's cheapest as well as easiest to start with a standard arch orthotic like the ones from Orthaheel.  Simply choose the activity you plan to use them for and the correct shoe size. 

Some of the specific applications include:


If you find that Orthaheel Arch Orthotic insoles don't work for you, then we would suggest contacting your nearest chiropractor and inquire about the Vasyli Custom line of arch orthotic inserts.  These arch orthotics are custom fit and heat molded to insure the best comfort.  Custom Arch Orthotic Insoles will be necessary if you truly have flat feet or other unique conditions.

Alternatives To Orthotic Inserts

There will be times when it's not convenient to wear Arch Orthotic Insoles, such as when you are wearing shorts or going to the beach.  For these situations, it's nice to have a pair of Arch Orthotic Flip Flops or Arch Orthotic Sandals.

The Orthaheel Wave Arch Orthotic Sandals come in 3 colors:

Black, Khaki and Blue with White


Features & Benefits of Orthaheel Wave Sandals:

  • Arch Orthotic footbed realigns your foot and ankle to a natural position.
  • EVA midsole absorbs shock, reducing stress on your feet.
  • Flexible rubber outsole provides extra grip, keeping you steady as you walk.
  • Soft toe post and foam cushioned strap ensure a comfortable fit.

Other Important Information About Orthaheel Wave Sandals:

  • Material Content: mesh webbing upper, neoprene upper lining, EVA insole, rubber outsole.
  • Care: Wipe off with a damp cloth. Air dry.
  • Imported.

The Orthaheel Sport Arch Orthotic Sandals Come In 2 Colors:

Tan and Black

Features & Benefits of Orthaheel Sport Orthotic Sandals.

  • Built In Arch Orthotic
  • Waterproof
  • Rubber Outsole
  • EVA Midsole

Effective relief from heel, knee and back pain.  Relieves aching legs.


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Arch Orthotic Inserts

This information on Arch Orthotic Insoles contains excerpts of material from Orthaheel as well as additional commentary.

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